Swimming & Trail Walks

If your dog loves to swim, they can play in the lake at our West Georgia facility! We have a beautiful 8-acre lake that your dog can enjoy any time of year as long as it’s safe to do so.

Swimming Time is $10 for 20 minutes. One of our trained staff or volunteers will take your dog down to the lake for a game of fetch and/or a leisurely swim. Sometimes they will even join in on the fun! We have plenty of toys and sticks to fetch. Or if your dog just loves to wade around or swim without fetching, that’s fine too.

Trail Walks are also $10 for 20 minutes and can include swimming during that time as our trail goes all the way around the lake and takes about 15 minutes to walk. It’s a great opportunity for exercise and exploring nature!

Dogs that have been through our off-leash program can enjoy these outings leash-free. Dogs that have not completed our training program will have plenty of freedom on our 25-foot long lines that give them plenty of room to trot and explore during their outing.

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