Send Supplies

It takes a lot of supplies to care for 80+ dogs daily in our rescue program. We have set up an wishlist, but we can also take a variety of donations that you can bring or mail to us.

We are always in need of paper towels, pee pads, detergent and bleach. We can also never have enough towels, blankets, comforters or dog collars. We are happy to receive virtually ANY condition in these items as long as they are useful. Stained or slightly torn bedding is ok! Roughed up collars are ok! These things can be extremely useful to us – bedding that’s already damaged is great to use for whelping moms (who may rip it up and will certainly stain it during delivery) and old collars are great for dogs that need a collar but are going to get dirty roughhousing with other dogs. So please feel free to send us any items that you think we can put use to.

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Send care packages to:

iWag/Life is labs Rescue, Inc.
1485 Old Draketown Trail
Temple, GA 30179